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In today’s world we need to be ready to adopt change in no time. An agile business is fit, alert, flexible, and nimble. It is efficient, profitable, liquid, and resilient. It is aware of how the business generates value, alert to threats in the marketplace, and looking out for opportunities. It is able to develop strategies and implement them promptly. It is nimble in performance management, able to build and test ideas swiftly, and scale up quickly if they work or try something else if they fail.

To enable the wider business to be agile, finance has to be smoothly run and that’s what we do. We work with businesses to provide agile finance and accounting solutions by working side by side day in day out.


Our vision is to become Australia’s most influential Financial Service strategic partner who transforms businesses.


Our mission is to partner with our clients, providing clarity, control and freedom with anything financial, so they can focus their energy on what makes them great.


We make ideas meaningful by enabling and personalizing numbers


Azard Marzook

Chief Executive Officer

Accomplished Commercial, Financial and Operations executive with over 10 years of professional experience within the finance industry. Exhibits a strong reputation in deciphering complex problems by providing pragmatic solutions. Highly skilled at accomplishing organisational goals by working effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Kristel Greenstreet

Accounting Principal

Kristel has been doing bookkeeping for over 7 years specialising in all facets of business software account management. She is Xero certified and can provide clients up to date training to ensure clients are using Xero software to its full potential. Kristel has a high customer service standard, ensuring quick and reliable service to all software accounting needs

Bookkeeping is seen as the flossing of the small business world. It’s not very fun, and if you skip it, you won’t notice for a while. You might also secretly doubt if you have to do it at all (we’re not judging). But bookkeeping is much more than tax hygiene.

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