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Bookkeeping Support

For Your Business

As an inhouse Accounts Team, we will be proactive in making value-based decisions for the benefit of your business. We will role our sleeves up and get our hands dirty to make sure you succeed.

Contracting your Accounts services to an industry specific bookkeeper will help you save time and give you the flexibility to focus on your customers. And we are experts in dealing with issues related to the automotive industry and have extensive experience in tackling all kinds of bookkeeping services needed by the Automotive Industry.

Being an Automotive industry specific bookkeeping services company. We understand your challenges and our tailor-made packages provide a flexible and cost-effective service to best suit your Automotive business.

Our Services include but not limited to

  • Accurate Filing, Recording, Organisation and Maintenance of Information
  • Bank/ Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Setup of Accounting software/system (Xero)
  • General Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Acquisitions/Disposals – using Vic Roads online “my partner” account
  • PPSR Checks
  • EasyCars Management
  • Capricorn reconciliation

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